Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We outhit them 12-6 but lose in 10. So dumb. Tomorrow's game's in the afternoon. Let's not have our heads up our asses then. That includes NESN producers who never know which camera to cut to. Get people who know the game, please. And once again Don watches the Red Sox walk OFF the field yet claims the A's are walking off as they pour ON to the field to celebrate.

Unless you can manage to blackmail Orsillo, and then many other broadcasters, I think the current use of walk-off is here to stay -- or else to be unhappy forever. Think of it as one of those words like "cleve" or "sanction" that can sometimes mean the opposite of themselves...
I did finally see an article about walk-offs where they admitted what the term really refers to. Meant to do a post about that....

If he would just say "and the A's get a walk-off..." that would be fine. I really think the confusion comes from the term being close to the "walking away with [something, in this case a win]" term.

Like, if it had been coined "mope off", the 'mope' never would have gotten confused with anything--you wouldn't have the urge to say the winning team is moping away victoriously.

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