Sunday, July 04, 2010

No More Fingers (Or Cubits, Rods, Etc.)

Sox/O's, Soon p.m. Hopefully it's the day we gain independence from King George and take over first place for good.

Here's a quick "memories of ex-players who aren't Dennis Eckersley are always wrong" story for ya: I saw an interview on MLBN in which fireman Rollie Fingers said he only started once after 1971--a game against Gaylord Perry that he lost 1-0 in 1974. After that he said he'd never start again. Turns out after '71 he had 2 starts and they were both in '73. The game he must have meant was one of the 2 '73 starts--he lost 1-0 to Perry's Indians, but Dick Tidrow was the opposing starter. So, close, but no handlebar. Eck was in the interview, too, how funny would it have been if he butted in with all the correct info, complete with game time temps.... ...but then Rollie could have come back with, Who are you again? Oh, right, you're from that "one-inning per game" closer era....

(While looking this stuff up, I found this 20-inning 1-0 game--Fingers threw 7 shutout innings, starting in the 12th! Let's see the "great" Mariano do that!)


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