Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Park, Same Delusions

I recently saw a stat on ES[urine]N that showed how many times a certain thing had happened at "Yankee Stadium" since 1960. And it included what had happened the previous night. Wait a second--they're including events at the new Yankee Stadium as part of the history of the twice-demolished old one?

Then the other day on WCBS radio, I heard a commercial in which Jon Sterling calls the current Yankee Stadium "the world's most famous ballpark."

You may remember my long post about how Yankee people really wanted to believe their new ballpark retained all that history from the old one even after it was bulldozed and they were now in a completely different one built in the last two years. Well now they've taken it to the next level, fully admitting it out loud, pretending the Yankee Stadium built in 1923 is still where they play.

Why don't I just call myself immortal and act like all my descendants really are just the same person as me? Or maybe I could build a little sand castle next to the Great Pyramid and call it the "world's most famous pyramid" three weeks later? Or just maybe I could walk around with a plastic crown on my head and a gigantic rug with all my problems underneath it dragging behind me on my gold leaf trail.

Sox @ J's, afternoon I'm pretty sure.

Once again, I love the delusion of Yankee propaganda. "World's Most Famous Ballpark?" They've never heard of a sport called soccer? Wembley Stadium or Maracana Stadium in Brazil are FAR better known in a world that worships that sport.
Those are also MORE than two years old.

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