Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In The News

A BostonChannel.com article about Steinbrenner with me in it.

Don't you love how my other nemesis is in there too, saying how Red Sox fans secretly wished George was on our side?? That guy gets more out of touch every day...

I would like to thank my good friend Jean for letting me borrow her cell phone to do my interview for the article.
Many even said that as the Yankees became increasingly formidable under Steinbrenner, the Red Sox had no choice but to become a better team, eventually resulting in World Series victories in 2004 and 2006.

Pretty pathetic that the Boston press can't even get the Sox World Series win years right.
That's what happens when you try to get an article out right away...oh wait, that should never happen...
I actually saw that the minute the article came out and I was like, Oh, they'll fix that....but I guess not!
That's awesome. Of course, once again the Dirt Dog speaks for no actual Red Sox fans when he says "Although Red Sox fans hated him, they probably secretly wished he was on our side."

Can this guy go a minute without saying something completely unrepresentative of the Boston fan base?

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