Friday, July 09, 2010

Ha Ha Ha Ha

I didn't watch LeBron's EgoMania Variety Hour, as I was watching Easy Rider under the stars here in Providence. But I am so happy to hear he chose [anyone but the Knicks]. You may remember this short post I did two Novembers ago. It was in response to an article about a game in which LeBron dominated the Knicks, and all the Knicks fans cheered him and made up Knicks jerseys with LeBron's name on it. Congratulations to any Knick fan who sold their soul and ended up, as all soul-sellers do, with nothing.

I just love how so many people assumed it to be inevitable, and were fine with their team basically purposely shitting the bed for literally years, in hopes that St. Gun soon would be Hired. They all deserve the nothing they got. Knicks fans have been waiting for this day, and so have I--I know I'm fulfilled!

And a special laugh-out-loud to Spike Lee, who rooted for the Celtics because he thought it meant his Knicks would get that loser.

And I know the Knicks got Stoudamire and who knows, maybe even though he's just one dude they'll somehow win it all without LeBron. But this is about right now. Which I'm obviously cherishing....

Also, we can bet on whether or not they do win it all next year...

(Note to new people--I'm not a Celtics fan, I grew up as possibly Connecticut's only New Jersey Nets fan in the 80s...but I don't "have" a team anymore....)
Anything that makes Spike Lee look like an asshole is just fine with me.

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