Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ding Dong

Goddamn you George Steinbrenner, you had to go and die while I'm at work!

Now by the time I write the obit I should have prepared years ago, the news cycle will have moved on to Lady Gaga's latest antics.

I will say this, though: Last year's championship counts as their bullshit "win one more for George" title. No more! You can't squeeze two out of this! Last year was the meal! That's it! George is getting very upset!

In a statement released by longtime Yankee publicist Howard Rubenstein, Steinbrenner vowed "I may be dead now, but I've got a 2nd half comeback in my bones"
Body of George trying to rip. Skeleton of George trying to make a comeback? A George divided against itself cannot stand.

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