Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dick Street All Around

Can't say much about tonight's game because I only hear the last five minutes of it. But I have to say, I did some great Castig-reading over those last few batters. By that I mean you can usually tell by the tone of Joe's voice roughly how far ahead or behind the Sox are. Using that and getting some clues from what he was saying (like the fact that he said we had two on without noting where the tying/go-ahead run is), I came up with a guess of 7-1 Texas. Turns out it was 7-2, and that's how it ended. I understand Wake doodied the duvet giving up 6 in the first. Take that out and we win 2-1...would be one lame way of looking at a crappy night...

The reason I missed nearly the whole game is that I was busy missing nearly all of Planes, Trains, & Automobiles since some drunk was ruining it for everybody. The Providence outdoor movie schedule is great, but every week there's some shithead messing it all up. The last two weeks it's been "drunk, white trash tough guy." He talks and talks and annoys people around him until someone politely asks him to be quiet--and that's their first mistake. Because then he starts trying to intimidate them into fighting him. This man is the ultimate coward, and does what they all do: Big show, no results. He's also either off his meds, or drunk, completely screwed up in the head, or a combination of the three. Oh and when he's not yelling at people around him, he's yelling at the battered wife he drags along with him. (The irony this week was that we were watching a movie about a guy that annoys you non-stop.) So what should we do? It's gonna keep happening. I want to tell a cop but they're never around. You....make the call!


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