Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Curse Of The Damn Divo

On Sunday afternoon, the Boston Red Sox were a half-game out of first place and the best record in all of baseball. In the seventh inning that day, they were on the verge of sweeping the Orioles, down just 2-0 at Fenway Park.

At that moment, a New York Yankee icon, one of the very symbols of their pomposity, fake-ass grandeur, and transparent patriotism, and one who they let go after his anti-semitic remarks, emerged onto our field, invited, no less, to sing his long-winded version of God Bless America.

And after they wheeled that porker Ronan Tynan back to the filthy pen from whence he came, the Orioles pulled away for the win. The Red Sox didn't just lose that day, but every day since. While the two teams they're battling in the east have each won all their games since.

Anybody got a DeLorean?

In srsnss, though, even though this series was one of the worst three-day experiences in quite some time, through my homicidal haze I can see that our rag-tag team of misfits actually almost pulled out every single game. We just gotta tough this crap out till the reinforcements arrive.

I have to say though, even up 5-1 Monday night, I remember Youk catching the final out at first, and just having a "bad feeling"--rare for me. And the next two nights I went in with that feeling--it's either Tynan or this oppressive heat, but I've just been lethargic and my rooting powers have followed suit. Yeah, I'd say definitely Tynan's fault. Three games in Toronto then the break--I expect we will get back on track Friday night. Then we start Half Two healthy. And then World Series. So....

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