Sunday, July 04, 2010


Bad job, Red Sox! Anti-semitic, Dumbo-eared, legless, shit-voiced bum Ronan Tynan is singing God Bless America at Fenway Park. I wish so much I was there today to boo that SOB. Don and Jerry just announced it, and now, the inning has ended, and he's singing--on the announcement over the PA, I did hear a slight groan but mainly polite clapping.

FUCK TYNAN. Get him outta here. No more. One and done, Dumbo.

As long as we're honoring Yankee legends, why not have a Joe DiMaggio Day? Bucky Dent Day! The Red Sox could wear pinstripes and the scoreboard could tell us when to clap!

I agree. WTF was that? Get that bum outta town.
Actually, Jere, I like the Irony. Not only were the English miserable with us, various British Rulers were cruel to The Irish:
think of it this way, the Red Sox pulled a "Fitzy" with the Brits by having the Irish Born Tynan sing "God Bless America", in short, telling The Crown "GFY."
I don't know, man--if Bucky Dent ever has a falling out with the Yanks, you want him throwing out the first ball at Fenway?
i was so annoyed. super fuckin bad idea, sox. and the idea that is is 'getting at the yanks! oooh!' is so off base. it looks pathetic and lame. i did think i heard a good number of boos upon his name being announced tho.

horrible job.

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