Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Anti-Manny Junta Never Rests

This is unbelievable. Let's go back to the time leading up to that LA series. Don and Jerry sat there wondering if Manny would come up with some fake injury to avoid showing up at Fenway Park. At the time I wondered if Remy had anyone asked him if he faked that cancer he had that made him miss an entire year. Or if anyone asked Don if he was faking recently when he was IN THE PARK, but was just too sick to announce that day, or the next few.

Then the series started--and Manny played every day. While JD Drew (who seems to be exactly what the media perceives Manny as: uncaring, in his own world, always missing time due to the weakest of excuses) pulled a hammy right at the beginning of game 1, and missed not only the entire series, but many days after that, too.

I was going to write about this, in fact I still have the window up with a tab for each of Drew and Manny's stats, and talk about how many times Manny played at least 140 games in a season (9) compared to Drew (3). Stuff like that. I kept meaning to do that every day Drew was out but I never did.

But here's the unbelievable part: Last night on the post-game, Tom Caron proudly announces how JD Drew is the iron-man of the Red Sox and that he went on record when Manny was traded and was correct in his prediction that Drew would be on the field more than Manny, which he backed up with the numbers since July 31st, 2008. He boasted that since then, Drew has played in a few more games than Manny....

HEL-LO????? He completely ignored the fact that Manny was suspended for FIFTY games since then! Of course, I'm not an idiot, I know that it was Manny's own fault that he was suspended. But that's not what we're talking about and TC knows it. We're talking about injuries. So Drew just happened to have edged out Manny in games played in the last two years, with a fucking PLUS FIFTY handicap. Nice work, guy.

I don't know, I just thought it was kind of ironic, Manny being picked on as usual, and TC calling Drew an "iron man" when he just missed extended time catching a Manny fly ball when it was assumed Manny would be the one not playing due to fake injuries.

Before I finally wised up and quit Boston sports radio I did hear TC on there a few times. You can tell that whole crew has gotten to him, made him one of these media liars who tries to control the way fans (who pay their salary) think, while mocking them and calling them "fanboys" if they actually care about or root for a player.

Now, Drew-lovers, please note, I'm not even talking about the skills of Drew--I could think he's a better player than Manny and still have written this exact same article. (I happen to think he's nowhere near the player Manny is, but that's a different debate.)

Expected comment from some SoSHer:

"You said 'Drew' and 'uncaring' in the same post, so you know nothing about baseball! You're dumb and I'm smart and I have a spreadsheet complete with superscript numbers to prove it!"

Look, imaginary pal, stats are cool, what actually happens on the field is cool. Both matter. I can like a guy based on the way his uniform looks if I want, that's kinda what being a baseball fan is.
Drew is nowhere near the player Manny is. So, I don't mind when he takes more time off hurt. Drew at 80% isn't better than a bench player. Manny at 50% is better than a bench player just because of the fear he brings.
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