Sunday, July 11, 2010


Bob Sheppard dead at 99. I heard that dude's voice many times going to the second-oldest Yankee Stadium, but I was shocked when I heard it at Fenway Park once in the late-80s at a Yanks-Sox game. I have confirmed through news searches that he did do "guest announcing" at Fenway--but I also read that Jon Miller once did the PA at Fenway, imitating both Sherm Feller and Sheppard. I wanna say I'm sure it was the real Sheppard I heard that day, so...I will. I see one article that has him there on 7/17/87, a game Oil Can Boyd pitched against Oakland. But I feel like my game was '88 or '89, and I know, okay, I'm pretty sure it was with the Yanks in town. Anyway, for some reason that didn't make me mad like the Ronan Tynan thing did....

I'm SO sorry to hear that, Jere. He will be missed.

Sox win 3-2 WITH Matsuzaka! Have a great All Star break.
Sherm Feller once did an inning or so at Yankee Stadium, and I think it was around the same time Mr. Sheppard was at the Fens.
I wonder if they ever did a straight-up, one-for-one, same day swap...

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