Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ya know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna be an actor, and I'm gonna go up to the Movie Directors' HQ, and say to all the directors, "Okay, I've got a skill you've never seen before. You're all gonna wanna make me the star of your movies, so get your biddin' pants on. Ready?

look at the road in scenes where I'm driving a car!"

I'm gonna be a big star....

Sox @ Seattle, past your bedtime. Remember what Butt-Head said about Seattle:

"If you're in Seattle, everyone you see is cool."

Ha, I just Googled that quote to verify that's what he said (it could have been "When you go to Seattle...." or something, but I know the end was "everyone you see is cool"), and the only person that ever said it in Internet history...was my pal JS of Baseball Heavy. Shoulda known.

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