Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Gotta Be K-in' Me

Here's what happened. Twice we had loaded, two outs (the first time with a 3-0 count), and we scored neither time, so it was 1-0 Rox going bottom 8. Lester was out because MLB is fucking stupid and has actual games that count where we suddenly play by different rules. (Note to Don: it's okay to say that instead of dancing around it--except for the "fucking" part.) But Oka gets a high pop-up behind shortstop with a man on first, one out. It becomes clear that Scutaro isn't getting to it, and for some reason, Cameron, the center fielder and fastest man on earth, jogs the whole way in. Nava's off-screen, and he comes in at the last second, too late, and the ball falls in. He still has the force on the elderly Helton, but he's safe by thismuch, though I didn't see Dustin do much of a first baseman's stretch. BUT! Oka gets a tailor-made double play ball...which bounces OVER Scutaro's head, and the run scores.

So we're down 1-0 instead of 2-0 going to the ninth. And of course, we quickly score a run. Lowell pinch hits with the tying run on first and two out. 3-2 pitch, so we know a gapper can tie it--but please don't hit a ground ball....but he does. Shortstop dives into the hole and gets it, rolls over, gets up, and...we all know the only question will be how far away Lowell's wheelchair is to first when the throw arrives. Wasn't even close. We lose 2 to effing 1.

Rays lost, so we stay tied for second with them.

Remy note: I can (kinda) understand if a person doesn't have the exact number of feet in a mile memorized. But Jerry Remy tonight acted like trying to come up with that number had never even been thought about before. Don, after looking it up, got them the answer.

We seem to be getting SNY here in Providence now, on Verizon anyway. But of course they can't show Mets games out of the NY market, so we get "content not available" at those times.

I wonder how long it would take for Jerry & Don to tell us how many yards in a mile?

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