Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vin Scully Saw Me

There I am, far left, front row, taking pics of Manny in the to of the first Friday night. This is from the Dodgers' feed. My missed foul ball (first pitch of the ninth) was shown by both feeds, but no close-ups or mockery from the announcers.

Tonight we took the visiting Chan to McCoy. The Paws had a crazy 5-run comeback in the 8th to win it. My ball-missing streak continued, as I tried the glove trick on a ball on a roof 20 feet below the back of the grandstand. As I dangled the glove down, it knocked the ball farther away along the roof. Drainage and all. I thought my only problem would be security telling me to stop--and I'd get chance after chance trying to get this ball right below me. But as soon as my glove hit it, it rolled away.

Got to see the Pedroia hit on the scoreboard there. We're still just one back. Yanks beat Mets, and Rays just won an 11-inning game where they scored 4 in top 11 and gave up 3 in the bottom.

Wow. Nice spot!
Wasn't there long before the actual seat owner got there.... How you could have that seat and be late I'll never know...

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