Saturday, June 26, 2010

Up Early...Out Late? (Also, $hitty Interleague Play $tink$)

Cameron with his first Sox Dong, a 3-run shot, makes it 4-0 us early. DMC also HR'd, and ClayHH, who throws right/bats left just like me*, got his first MLB hit. More much later I'd say...

*not that it's that rare, but still, did you know he batted left?

Oh Jesus Fucking Christ, was about to post this and leave, and guess what happened--Clay gets hurt running the bases! Leaves the goddamn game! Because MLB has decided to put fucking exhibition games into the middle of the season and make them count! Fucking assholes! This is not about being a "purist," this is about being a person who realizes complete bullshit when he sees it..... END THE FUCKING STUPIDITY MLB, NOBODY FUCKING CARES ABOUT THIS SHIT EXCEPT 15-YEAR OLDS WHO CARE ONLY ABOUT FANTASY TEAMS AND TEXT ALL GAME LONG IN THEIR BOX there something bigger than CAPS I can use on this? Fuckers. --Interleague Play Hater, Card Member Since 97

Amen, Jere. You used all the colorful language I've been using about interleague since I heard about the Buchholz injury.
Well they're acting like he's not hurt too bad at all so that's the good news, but still, the bullpen got taxed, etc. Good thing we got the W.

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