Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Still Awake

Tim Wakefield has now pitched more innings in a Red Sox uniform than anybody else. And I'm sure I've seen him pitch in person more than anybody else, too. He got win #177 tonight in Clevey.

"Bridge It" Bard-o isn't bridging the Gap 2 Pap this week, as he's "the man," and he has closed out the game both times. I loved how he buckled the knees of Shelley--the guy Yankee fans thought would be the AL MVP a few years ago.

That dude Crowe had two great catches, but his dropped fly ball was key. It's funny, I'd already planned to write about how Vik-E Mart always seems to hit balls that anyone else would get an extra base on, or slow grounders with a man on first, but because of his toe/foot/whatever issues, he'll end up just standing on the bag making no attempt to get the extra base, or thrown out for a slow-developing double play (like in the first inning tonight). And then there's this high fly ball, guy drops it, fumbles it, snaps it to an imaginary quarterback behind him, goes back and takes the snap, finally throws it in...and Victor's just pulling into second. In that case, with two outs, it didn't really matter, and Youk's non-HR scored him easily.

About those two plays--they were great examples of how sometimes Don/Rem just aren't on the ball. First Don assumes the guy caught the ball. He makes the out call as the ball's bouncing off the glove and falling to the ground. Then on Youk's ball, they just seemed kind of clueless. They never came to the conclusion that maybe the ball hit top of board, then railing (meaning it WOULD have gone over the wall and therefore a dong), then back to field. After several replays, it seemed like all it did was hit top of board, go up, then back down (while Remy's coming up with the crazy theory that somehow the ball was IN the stands and came back). But even then, when Remy asked Don what the call would be if hit the scoreboard and went over the wall, Don says it would be a home run! What? Thnk about it Don, if a ball hit that upper ledge of the Green Monster scoreboard and somehow went into the crowd, would it be a home run? Of course not. Same as if a ball hit the ladder and went out of play, or the Monster just right of the foul line and landed in the left field seats, or the center field wall to the left of the yellow line and landed in section 40. Come on, Don.

Bill Hall, why are you running toward the side wall with your glove down, shying away from the impact? And look what happened, you got hurt anyway! I like this guy, but I think we're seeing a bunch of reasons why he never became the star he was supposed to be back in the BSM Brewers-following days.

Drew scared me on the last out of the eighth. It's like he didn't even watch the ball go into his glove next to his head.

Those stupid texty I'm-so-social opinion questions NESN asks should be shot. Tonight they asked what people thought of a player who'd never played in a major league game, and one of the choices was "overrated." Another was "average." If you're gonna ask a question about a guy who 95% of your audience has never seen pitch (and anyone who did only saw him in minor league action), how about asking how we think he will do in the majors? Even that would entail everybody giving a bullshit answer, but at least it wouldn't be as bad as, "that guy I've never seen....I'd say he's average. Yeah, right around average."

Speaking of Strasburg, he had 14 Ks in 7 IP--so had they left him in, he could have tied Wood and the other guy with 20.


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