Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Dead Fingernail

Wake had one bad one, and we lose Five 2 Three.

Eric "Muncha Buncha Fredos" Frede was at the helm again, as Don is still on probation--er, "under the weather." Just kidding. I have no idea what's going on with him.

After Wake got outta the loaded/0 out jam in the first, I thought a sweep was meant to be. But no.

Before the game, the Red Sox Scholars ceremony was aired on NESN. And Carl Beane didn't look at his script until the moment it started. His most egregious error? When the script referred to someone who does CT scans, Carl said, "Connecticut scan." Ouch. It's like when that article replaced all instances of the word "black" with "African-American," so it came out "the Yankees wore African-American armbands...."

Gotta love the 0-2 dong for our side, by Beltre. (This was shortly after Fredo broke our hearts with "it's clear balls aren't carrying today.")

Why can't these guys run balls out? I remember telling my softball team that even if they hit a pop-up or a grounder right to someone, run it out, because you never know what's gonna happen. I shouldn't have to tell the Red Sox this! There are so many balls hit that I know I'd have a triple on, but our guys are pulling up into second. You're making Jeter look good with this crap!

Fredo: "Hamels has held the Red Sox to 5 hits as we play here in the 6th." He did have a good game, but a hit an inning is, like, not great. I can see if he meant five hits and nothing more, but we did have a run at the time.

Too bad the guy made a trick slide on Nava's throw to second.

We should still be 4 back unless Tampa makes a big comeback.


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