Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No Smog

I was about to make my usual triple-double Ice Cube reference, but Victor went and got his fourth double! Ah well, it was still a good day. Loved the 8th inning mega tack-on to take some pressure off, and get Pap sitting down again. We win 9-4. Lackey needs to get his crap together, we can't be bailin' him out every time. Though he did a nice job getting out of the BLJ. And we did have some bad D behind him.

Gio Gonzalez started for them, and then Ross came in wearing #66. I think they should switch. GG should be 66.

Irony: When you hit a deep fly ball and watch it thinking it's dong, and then it bounces away and you get a triple--so had you ran you would have had the home run you thought you had. Happened to Bill Hall tonight, but the replay didn't show just how long he watched/dogged. I'll give him the BOTD and figure it was only for that first half-second.

Don/Rem didn't make enough out of the fact that a fly ball almost went IN that camera hole in the left field scoreboard.

Interesting - I was wondering the same thing about Hall: just how long did he stand there and admire the flight of the ball? Timing it off the replay, I count about 14 seconds from the time the ball came off the bat until Bill touched third base. What's a normal amount of time for a triple, though? I've no idea.
I just know that I said to Kim at the time that "I woulda had 4." And I'm pretty fast, but probably not as fast as him. Sooo....it just felt like the type of play where you're at least talking about having a shot, and he really didn't. So I'd say he trotted for a little bit and then turned it on. I should watch the Oakland feed on mlb.tv and see if they showed/talked about it.
hey jere - just thought of a cool thing to do/look into

word? lineup.

1st letter of the starting 9's last names. has there ever been a word or phrase spelled? or if not, what's the coolest sounding non-word?

today's sox starts out with spoyd, which sounds cool. but then it goes into bhvm. spoyd bhvm? eh.

Yeah that's one I always look at when I see the lineups. I think the Rays had "PUNK," involving Kapler and Upton last year--I may have brought it up on JoS at the time.

But yeah I should look for a legitimate 9-letter word, or just the longest actual word ever in a starting nine.... good call.
Found it. It's my 6:33 comment on this post, from when Allan & Laura's basement flood happened.

(Later in that thread someone says I said Garza looks like a puffin. I'm pretty sure I never said/thought that. Just to clear up, for the people reading that thread 1000 years from now who HAPPEN to come to this one, too.)

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