Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Matter Of Perception

Happy New Month, everybody.

Congratulations, Boston sports media. You did such a great job of convincing baseball fans, including many Red Sox fans, that David Ortiz' career had ended, that he's not even in the top three in the all-star voting for DH. Vlad Guerrero is first, understandably. But second is Hideki Matsui, and third is Ken Griffey, Jr. Go ahead and look up their numbers. In fact, feel free to combine the two and then compare those numbers to Papi's. Ortiz is fifth. The guy in fourth has been released by his team.

It's all based on perception, and the media can control what people think. And they don't give a crap. I as at Fenway recently and after an Ortiz homer, I heard someone ask "what's wrong with Papi" before asking if that was his first home run.

If people like that hadn't been brainwashed, Papi would be in second place with Red Sox fans' votes alone. Instead it's those people who see the ballot and say, "Well Papi's career's over--is he even on the team anymore?--so I can't pick him....hmmm...that Ken Griffey's a class act...but let me grab another ballot so I can give Pat Burell some love too...nobody told me his career is over even thought he's been fucking released!..." Come on, people, pay a god damn ttention. Lots of time left in this vote.

The Athletics come to town this week. You know what that means. Bad news for the Athletics!

Hey, am I the only one who watches that Hoarders show and roots for the hoarders? I'd like to see a show where those high-and-mighty family members of the hoarders have us come to their house and dissect their problems! The hoarder could confront them: "Too many boxes? You've been pokin' your secretary for ten years! And shall we talk about that 'creative' tax return?"


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