Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was in the car right before the game started today, and heard Joe & Dave talking about today's match-up. They noted how a lot of times these supposed pitchers' duels often don't live up to their billing, but that today....TO-DAY would be one of the great ones. They actually went on and on about it as if it were an absolute guarantee. Joe went so far as to say something about a "work of art." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Some things are certain in life: that stupid van that picks up my neighbor WILL honk its horn at 5 a.m., Yankee fans will get their facts wrong, etc. But how these guys with so many years of experience in baseball could be THAT sure of how ANY baseball game will play out...

And after three innings, Lincecum is out of the game. Papi put one in the Pacific Ocean. Jon Lester almost hit a grand slam off him! I didn't like how Remy said that Lincecum "wasn't himself"--the guy who's won the Cy Young the last two years doesn't need an excuses, as I'm sure he'll tell you after the game. Now Remy's suggesting an injury! I guarantee he's not injured. Just kidding.

We lead 4-1 in the fourth. TB lost so we can be alone in second if we hold on to this.

(And now Vik-E Mart's out of the game after taking a ball off his toe earlier. Great.)


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