Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is This A Joke? (Updating) (Not Anymore, Don't Listen To That First Parentheses)

1:30: Holy shit did we need to hold on to that, and we did. Mora Ks to end it. 13, 15, and 2 for us, 11, 18, and 0 for them. Umba-leeba-bull. Almost a 5-hour game. On to San Fran....

1:25: Stickin' with Pap--and Stewart who hit that first dong last night lines out. But it's still an out. Now my favorite Rocky, the one from Rhode Island, grounds out....

1:20: THIRD DONG FOR PEDROIA!!! With two outs and a man on.... we lead 13-11! A 5-hit game for Dustin. And stupid NESN did the "ball-only" shot but got lucky when the ball cleared the fence by inches. Jesus--now they do the same thing on a pop-up! Get some camera-people who know baseball! Anyway, we go bottom 10, up by 2.

1:04: We fucking go to the fucking tenth, fucking eleven to fucking e-fucking-leven.

12:59: And we go right back to asking that question in the title. Another weak bloop scores two and it's tied. 11-11. He did give up solid shots to put himself in that position though. (Along with a Boston Red Sox-patented "ignore the runners even if they DO matter" stolen base.) Holy crap, now a near dong by Seth Smith (who Rem and Don aren't mentioning was the one Pap struck out to end the 2007 WS), but caught at the wall. Two outs, winning run on first...

12:48: Pap in. Atone for last night!

12:37: Just about at the 4-hour mark here...Col. leaves tying runs on, 11-9 us after 8.

12:16: Mammoth dong for Dustin and it's 11-8!

12:09: Wow, a key SHOTHO double play helps Atchison get out of the 7th. We go 8, 9-8 us.

11:57: Well, it only took us one inning. 9-8 us at stretch time. Varitek with the key two-run double to get the lead back.

We had a 6-2 lead going bottom 6. Manny puts 3 guys on, one on a walk, then a bloop hit somehow scores 2, then Beltre decides to lob a throw to first (maybe someone should make a YouTube clip of his totally shitty and inexcusable fielding plays) to reload the bases, before pulling a Snodgrass and making a nice catch. Then after another pop-out, Okajima, who's been playing baseball for what, 45 years, forgets to cover first base so we don't get the third out. Next guy hits another bloop, and the Rockies score two on it to take the lead. Finally a solid hit makes it 8-6 after 6. And this team is seriously making me think about just saying to hell with it and getting some niiiiice sleep.

But of course I have to stick with it...


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