Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marcos. Polos.

I nailed last night's Final Jeopardy! question. It was something about the 5-year anniversary (in 1919) of this guy's death--and I knew it was Archduke Franz Ferdinand. How did I know? Because that was also the final answer on an SNL game show skit from almost 20 years ago! It was called Comedy Killers, and Kevin Nealon was the host. The final answer was, "This is the all-time comedy killer." (Meaning something you don't want to bring up to an audience as a stand-up comic.) Roseanne was hosting and was a contestant, and had just done her infamous spit/crotch-grab, so she answered "the National Anthem." But the correct answer *of course* was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which pretty much started World War I. Huge comedy killer for years after.... Thanks to that, and my incredibly random memory, I got the answer last night. (This story would have been much cooler had I been on Jeopardy! and won because of this.)

Please note: I can't prove this, but I feel I still would have remembered this after all these years even without the popularity a few years ago of the band Franz Ferdinand. So don't try givin' them any credit.

Sox @ Rox again tonight. My one saving grace last night was going to bed knowing the Yanks were losing. Got up today and saw they tied it in the 9th, won it in the 10th. Bastards. Ruined my morning, after the ruined night.


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