Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Great Win That Wasn't At All

Dick street. Uber-dick street. LackLuster lacked luster as usual, and hoped to get bailed out. And against by far the best pitcher in MLB so far in '10, we actually DO bail him out, coming back from 4-0 and 5-2. We're up 6-5 after a fine job by Bard, and then Pap implodes in the 9th. A homer to lead off the inning ties it, and a dong by...well I'm not even gonna write that shit's win it, and Don once again incorrectly describes the winning team as the one that walks off a field they weren't even on because they were batting.

NESN also loves to piss off viewers by rushing to get that "the Rockies never fucking win when trailing after 7" stat up there.

You're gonna blame Pap, but if Lackey just has an average night (or pitches just half as well as any of our other starters) it's moot. It was a nice job by him helping himself with the double, though. And good job tonight by DMC and Nava Don't Surf. And Crimson Cock threw out a runner on the bases and should have thrown out another if Victor had just been able to make a tag.

Okay, I had more to say, including visions of being in second (aka the wild card spot) all alone....but I guess we'll have to wait....wait....through a bunch of what should be exhibition games in stupid NL parks. I should stab MLB with a double switch blade.

When interleague play started, I was totally against it. Over the years I've become ambivalent. But given the way it's just going on, and on, and on, and never seems to stop, right before the All-Star Game, for goodness sake, where the AL and NL will get to spend some quality time anyway, I'm with you, man. Enough already. Dial it back to one series per year per team, if it has to be done at all.

John Lackey... grrrrrrrrr.... does he or does he not have it in him to pitch well? I'm really starting to wonder.
He pitched great the last 3 innings & left with the lead. Victor made the tag, he just couldn't catch the ball, just like our left fielder on anything hit over his head. If those catches are made, Lackey has a better than average night.
"You're gonna blame Pap..."

You could have just left it at that.

Crimson Cock? Oh, wait, Reddick. Nevermind!/Emily Litella

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