Monday, June 07, 2010

A Good Day, Meaning Night

Get Scutaro on the court and he's trouble! That's right, I end up getting to use the Ice Cube reference on a triple double for Scutaro. Dice-K: beautiful. Four hits and no runs in eight innz. We win easily, 4-1. Four games back, alone in third.

The Cleveland crowds are dwindling, to the point where I didn't even see Hat Guy! Or maybe that camera angle just changed.

Tonight, Jerry Remy brought up a game in which he broke up Ken Brett's no-hitter. Here's the game, from May of 1976. A former major leaguer (other than the encyclopedic Dennis Eckersley) finally got facts about an old game right! He was on the Angels, Brett was with the White Sox, and the game was in Anaheim. And Remy broke it up with two outs in the ninth on a check-swing roller down the third base line. Brett was pissed. "If that's a hit, I'm a bleepity bleepity bleep," he said after the game. Pictured is Ken on the mound that night.

As if we weren't disgusted enough by the awkward "safe at second, safe and secure" ad that Orsillo has to read after doubles when we should be seeing a replay, I heard the same little ad for the same company after a double...on the Yankees broadcast. If a slimy corporation is gonna be a sponsor of multiple teams, they could at least come up with a different stupid gimmick for each one....

Speaking of that crap, your New England Ford Dealer is an Official Partner of the Boston Red Sox--yet they've made it to June still using the old Red Sox logo in their ads. June of the second year.
They're hardly the last holdout.

I've always said I could watch anything at Fenway Park. Open it up and let me watch the grass grow? I'm in. However, with the announcement of a soccer game to be played there this summer, I've finally found something going on at Fenway that I have absolutely zero interest in. (When someone says "zero" instead of just "no," don't you always think of Joey Buttafuoco when he said Amy Fisher had "zero credibility"? Me too!)

In the pic of hat guy, it looks like Rusty Staub is behind him, and behind that, Ben Bernanke.
I think Jimmy Buffet has played Fenway. Is soccer still the first thing you don't want to see there?...
(When someone says "zero" instead of just "no," don't you always think of Joey Buttafuoco when he said Amy Fisher had "zero credibility"? Me too!)

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Not ever before today, but I think I'm going to have a hard time not thinking about it now.

Couple of things: 1) David Ortiz now has just two hits in his last 23 at-bats. How long before the Boston sports media start pronouncing him "finished"... again? (If they haven't already.) 2) Did you see Bill Hall's bad slide into second base, where he was tagged out trying to stretch a double into a double? If he'd gone straight in, he'd have made it. Instead, his lead foot missed the bag. Very awkward. I also wonder why he takes that extra half-second in the batter's box before he starts running, when he cranks a ball to left or left-center. That, too, cost him the base and the team the out.
Ryan--true, true. But I consider "concert at Fenway" as one entity....

ECI ECI Baby-- Yes I totally saw that. It's funny, when he hit it, I was like, "I love Bill Hall!" because he seems to hit a lot of mammoth shots to left (although it's pretty much warning track power at this point). But then when he was out I was like, Oh right, the possible watching of the ball AND, yes, had he extended that front leg, he's safe. And when it got to 4-1 with a man on in the ninth, I started to think of how that could cost us. Was a perfect throw by the left fielder... but Hall should have been standing on the bag by the time it got there.

And as for Buttafuoco--he was just so serious and really enunciated the "zeerro," so it's always stuck with me.
Aw, I shoulda done ECI ECI YBAB

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