Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garza 'N' Rays Spit 'N' Split

The Devils' outfield made a lot of nice catches on deep flies tonight. Cameron, however, couldn't get to one that he thought he had a bead on. I'd be yelling louder about this, but the 3-1 game became a 9-1 one and we were done, despite a slight comeback. The Spitting Image was good for them tonight. Dice wasn't horrible, but TB deserved the win, and they get a 1-1 split.

Yanks lose to Seattle (but finally face one of their not-good pitchers tomorrow night). So we're 1 back, TB is 2, and Toronto is way back there at 8. The Orioles are tied for the top in the 2011 standings--so they've got that GFT.

Don and Remy were raving about those "rickshaws" (pedicabs) when they were in Denver. They acted like they were in the only city where these exist, even though Boston has them, too. Then tonight they were back on the topic, wondering if any other cities might have them--hellloooo, those bike cabs line up outside Gate B toward the end of every Red Sox game at Fenway! Oh right, no media ever goes east of Yawkey Way....

Great moment when Don accused Remy of not listening to him. Then when he went to recap the incident, it was proven that he just heard Remy wrong, making him think Jerry wasn't listening when he actually had been. Usually when an announcer says something that the other guy just said, the other one just lets it go. Don came right out and said "I just said that," and it backfired, as he hadn't said what Remy said he said. Wait....what?

NESN Awesomeness Watch! Okay, tonight's blunder was the foul pop up down the left field line. It seemed out of play, but suddenly you saw players looking out there as if it's really borderline. At that point Don's voice gets higher as he starts saying how it might actually be catchable and that the left fielder has given up on the play. So we're sitting there waiting for a shot of the ball, and NESN quickly switches a different shot that's not showing the ball. And we hear Don say it went "a row deep." That means it WAS catchable (which at Fenway means it was also almost FAIR), but they didn't show it, and didn't show a replay. The next pitch was another ball over there--this time they followed it all the way...and it was nowhere near the field. Too lit too lAt.


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