Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Andy Samberg got a good game. 6-2 win for us, only a little scare from RamRam Muelens in the ninth there.

Yanks lose, Devils lose, and we're three (3) games out of first place.

I love that they're using the in-scoreboard camera (aka the Fisk Angle) more often. Nice job, NESN.

But here's their non-nice job of the night: Remember the great catch in center by Chris Young? Amazing catch--you rarely see a jumping-into-the-wall catch in dead center at Fenway. But there were two runners on with one out at the time...and NESN never showed them, and never showed where they were with the little graphic. Just stayed on Young's face. Remy & Orsillo? No mention of the runners. Finally they cut to a replay. Meaning still no runners update. I guess we were supposed to assume they stayed put since they didn't mention them. But I would have liked to know what they were doing. I feel like Pedroia could've been fairly close to second still, and tried to tag and advance. It's not like he had to worry about Papi passing him--and even if the ball hits off the wall, he still scores easily from just past second. Even if Don had said, "and the runners hold," that would have at least let me know they cared!

You see Drinkwater in a suit and tie last night?

Oh, and on Com Cent tonight--Louis CK on Daily, Devo on Colbert!


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