Thursday, June 10, 2010

Emotions On Dick Street

Sat there thinking "sickening" for a good while, only to have the Red Sox "un-sickening-ize it then go back to sickening then un-sickening-ize it for a second before sending it back to sickening" the game.

If you were watching the Celtics or something, here's what happened in this unique-ass game:

Marte makes three errors in the first. We score 4 but could have had more. We add one in the second and could have had more there, too. But it's 5-0 and we've got Lester. Then he starts giving up runs, one at a time in the third. 5-3 after 3. Then he does the same thing in the sixth, and in this game that seemed OVER, we're sitting there losing the fuckin' game. I was screaming at the TV for the first time in a while. However, by the ninth, with it still 6-5 them, I'm thinking, Well, they gave us the runs in the first, we shouldn't have been up big in the first place. BUT, with no one on and two outs and two strikes, Drew gets hit by a pitch. Beltre comes up and hits a massive dong, and all is right with the world again, 7-6 us. Bard comes in and walks the first guy in bottom 9 on four pitches. Then he loads the bases, none out. And we're back to sickening again. BUT! He gets Hafner on a K, and Peralta on a pop-up. We're back, baby! But.... next guy bloops one over Pedroia, he can't get, it lands, two runs score and we lose. Ri-dick-street-ulous game. Unspeakable....unspeakable.


A couple other things: Don Orsillo was sick but apparently in the building. Remy did play-by-play on his own at the start, until John Rish came in. Just an awkward night, announcer-wise.

At one point, NESN cut to about a minute and a half worth of commercials during play. Terrible.

Ellsbury's gonna be out for several more weeks now.


First off, everything you said.

Second, I remember when the Sox only got one run in the second inning, thinking, "Aw, Beltre... I hope we don't need these runs later."

Third, this b.s. of walking the first batter in an inning has got to stop. The bullpen did this in Baltimore and it cost us, and they did it again and it cost us.

Fourth: we get long, hard-hit outs from Ortiz and Cameron late in the game, and it goes for naught. And the Indians get several bloop hits for runs, and win. You'd think we'd been playing the bloody Yankees.

Thanks for letting me vent.
sure. the FOUR-pitch walk just rubs it in yr face, too

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