Monday, June 07, 2010

D-Street Sunday

Pretty Essy Sunday baseball-wise. Our game was dick street. Robert A. Dick Street, I tellsya. Plenty of blame to go around, but I'd like to single out Lackey, who was once a good pitcher but has shown us nothing. He's our least reliable starter! He's the "god dammit" king, and it's usually his own foibz that make him say it. I trust he's not gonna be so fack street all year, though. But it's June, guy, let's go. And the Yanks won in their classic way to make it worse. At least we're still tied for third.

Sox at Swampdragons, 7:05.

My favourite parts were the leadoff walks, especially the one issued to the O's in extras. Nothing says "I wanna lose this game" like that.

And you're right on about Lackey. He's like Jack Morris the second year the Blue Jays had him. But at least they got one good year out of him. Hope Lackey straightens out and flies right the rest of the year.
7 innings & 2 runs - give him a break. If he does that every 5th day, I'm good. And I'm amused at his intensity causes him to cuss himself out when he screws up.

If MDC doesn't pull a back muscle when he craps his britches, the munchkin SF in the 9th wins the game.

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