Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogger: Fix This

There's something wrong with Blogger where if you have a really long post with pictures, it doesn't show as many of the previous posts that should be there. I have it set so the main page should be showing you several weeks of posts. But as of now, because my last post was so long, it shows just that post. (And now this one.) Horrible. And there's no more individual customer service like there used to be. I hate this crap. They should fix it.

The archives are also messed up, where a long post kills any previous ones. So the post I wrote yesterday doesn't appear on the main page OR the archive page. It's just invisible unless you actually search for it in a search engine.

Does anyone know of a way to contact these people besides writing a message on a help forum that will never be read? Thanks.

sucky -

i dont know how to fix this or who to contact...but for one thing you could do to remedy the situation for now....

use the "read more" functionality on that post...so the first few photos display on homepage with a "view whole post" or similar link.

i think you just click on the 'torn page' icon on the right of the toolbar.
I don't think I have that option because I never switched over to the "layout" style--I'm still using "template" because I was always afraid everything would get messed up if I changed over since I messed so much with the template...

So yeah if I do that and it works, I could use "read more"--I've heard the dude on One Base on an Overthrow complain about this--but like him, I just don't want to do that and think it's ridic. that they would force us into it. But it seems that might be the only way.... thanks.

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