Tuesday, June 15, 2010

9.0 Or Greater

Have you seen the video about the earthquake warning? You'll wonder if you're supposed to be laughing....but you will laugh. Bob and David have it at the top of their site...but I see it's not available anymore. So you have to find it somewhere else, like here.

Your assessment of the video was very accurate. I wasn't sure if I should laugh, but I just couldn't help it. I love when he stops and coughs in the middle.
I'm also a HUGE fan of the cough!
very funny. But I hate to break it to this guy but according to the USGS there are no fault lines in CA that can produce a 9.0 or higher. Washington state and British Columbia on the other hand do have fault lines that can produce an earthquake of that magnitude. But I did get an email from my earthquake paranoid friend this week reminding me of earthquake preparedness since she has been observing a lot of small earthquake activity around Baja...so maybe this guy is on to something.

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