Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 Back

Peter Brady did a fine job tonight. Not middle-childish at all. He was the hero. He punched Buddy Hinton in the face. It was nothing but pork chops and apple shauce on the mound at Fenway tonight. In fact, I won't even bring up the two grounders to him that he botched/shied away from for no reason. Whoops. Neither were costly anyway.

Papi with a monster dong and we never looked back. Though I'm pissed we brought out our closer in a game where it was 8-1 and our starter went 7.

Yanks LOSE, so we are ONE back and two ahead of Tampa.

Okay, you know how we've noticed that Bill Hall does a lot of ball-watching after he hits it? I've noticed he's done it a few times on grounders down the line. So I don't think he necessarily is "admiring" his possible dongs, he just needs a second to see where the ball's going before he starts to run. Which is still not what we're looking for, but whatever. I actually wrote this and THEN he hit a ball that actually did go out. Complete with his patented pause. I like the guy regardless. I just hope the "Hause" doesn't cost us.

If I had to guess who Longoria got pissed at, I would have said Crawford judging by the way he plays defense sometimes.

A guy held up a sign tonight calling himself "Wakefield's Twin." Did anyone else think he looked way more like Tek?

When Upton hit that ball down the left field line, I was thinking triple. I was simultaneously thinking that you CAN'T hit a triple down the left field line at Fenway, but the way that ball sneaked past the wall "where the boxes jut out," I knew that one little corner-rattle could mean he actually goes for three. As soon as I saw the ball roll away from DMC, I knew now there was a chance. He took it, and he made it. What kills me is that on the replay you see Upton jog almost all the way from first to second! And he still got to third! Fortunately we were up 8-3 with two outs in the 8th at the time. But I wonder how many people have hit ground balls down the third base line at Fenway and gotten a three-bagger before tonight...

A "Wally the Green Monster Coolatta"? Really? My co-worker/friend likes Coolattas and also drinks this green juice she makes out of cale. So this would be a happy medium right? Eh, maybe I should have cut this paragraph.


Now I'm thinking what a Cale Coolatta would taste like.
Okay, the "pork chops and apple shauce" reference was the height of esoteric cool. I hadn't thought of that in years - I mean, in at least 25 years. Wicked, sir.

And unless I missed one, this is Lackey's first truly good pitching outing this year.
"But I wonder how many people have hit ground balls down the third base line at Fenway and gotten a three-bagger before tonight..."

What I wonder is if a ball has ever gotten stuck in the drain hole in the Green Monster down in the left field corner. Every time one gets hit down there, I yell "Get in the hole" like some yahoo at a golf match. Some look like they have come pretty close.
"And unless I missed one, this is Lackey's first truly good pitching outing this year."

Here's a few you missed:

He's put up a few real stinkers too, and his overall #'s have been disappointing, but he's clearly had several good starts.
Didn't Donnie Sadler hit a stand-up triple of the scoreboard in left once?
Could have. Triples on high flies to left center are possible, but on balls grounded down the line--very difficult.

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