Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yankee Fan King Is Dead

How sweet is it to see Yank LeBron go down like that? Now I hope the Knick-fan manifest destiny just doesn't happen as he stays in Cleveland or goes somewhere else or something. If they do get him, well, that loser'll probably just bring his loser-ish ways to MSG. I like using that word with LeBron, as he likes to refer to himself as a "winner" even immediately after losing.

[Note: This is coming from an anti-LeBron angle, not a pro-Celts one. I have nothing against the Celts and they are fun to root for, but my favorite NBA team is: No Team (early 2000s - present); New Jersey Nets (beginning of time - early 2000s). But always anti-Knicks, so LeBron going there would be nice in terms of consolidating my hatred into one place.]


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