Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Win, They Effin' Lose

The best part about beating the Yanks is thinking about all of their fans (and players) who just assume they'll win no matter what, every single time.

So twice we, the team whose season is supposedly over, who supposedly can't possibly beat the Yankees, go into the Bronx and in each game come back from down five. Shoulda been a sweep. But we're still the only team in 2010 to go into the New Loo and not lose a series. Fortunately tonight we got to face the pedestrian (against the Red Sox) Mo, and the always-shitty Joba.

Why didn't Remy bring up the fact that on the missed pop-up in right field, the whole key was that the ball bounced away? Had it just dropped at the dude's feet, he still gets the force at second.

Here we go again--TC talking about "all the gloom and doom" and how this offense is "better than ANYONE expected." Do I have to fucking write in my opinions to NESN at the beginning of the year so they know who thinks what? Had me and every (sane) person I know on this earth written in, Tom would know that it's only a few media idiots who love to stir up shit (see: "Papi had two bad months out of his entire career--he's finished!") and those brainwashed by them who could possibly look at the Red Sox lineup and somehow see it as one that can't score runs! I'm so sick of this fuckin' shit. My method up until now has been to just ignore this crap like it's a non-issue, which it is--but when these people keep drilling it into our heads it's just depressing--and then the worst part, when they try to act like "nobody saw this coming" when the opposite of their crap happens! No, YOU didn't see it coming and you tried to make it look like WE didn't. I'm so glad I don't listen to the sports stations or read the shitty Pete Abraham newspapers anymore. But even hearing TC in pre- and post- kills me.

Loved how Pap did about ten fewer fist-pumps after getting the last out than that child molester catcher with the Gary Busey helmet did after getting the third out of, like, the fifth inning.

Hermida: nice job, my friend.

Twins come in for two starting Wednesday night.

You are exactly spot-on about the shit spewing media & the Gazoo catcher showing how he jacks off.

I liked how the Sox won the "yankee way" that you always talk about - little flair hits, a botched pop-up, a fly out over the stupid LF for a 2-rbi double and a non-HR falls between 2 guys.
I watched the Celtics and the 2nd to last episode of Lost last night instead of the Sox, so I have no comment on the game other that the fact that Girardi is a dope who should worry more about his crappy bullpen and inability to properly position his left fielder than protesting legitimate injury-related pitching changes.

But I digress; I really just wanted to point this out to you...I suspect you're gonna like it:
First--you missed a great comeback!

Funny you should mention that thing though--I was just talking about this with a few people. While of course I love the Ghostbusters sentiment, I didn't love the thing they did. You know why? Because it's over. I am leading a movement against the Improv Everywhere thing. It was GREAT at first, yes. But now--their empire is about to crumble. How has it lasted this long?? Does anybody see a bunch of "frozen" people and REALLY think they're frozen, or think it's anything BUT one of those improv things? Seriously, their world is about to fall all around them.

We thought of ideas like telling ONE guy he's gonna be part of one of those, have him freeze in a store or something, but what he doesn't know is that everyone else around are the ones in on the joke, and they totally ignore him--maybe even mock him: "ohhh, you're froooozennn".

You know what I'm sayin'?

They just really need to step up their game or they're done. Even the Ghostbusters thing. It works if it was just like, "hey, we wanted to bring that scene to life"--but to try to make it seem like it's just happening naturally or that they really ARE Ghostbusters or...what ARE they trying to accomplish with it at this point?

It's like Joe Posnanski. As a columnist, even an "e-columnist," I read and I'm like, oh, this is good. But as a "blogger" who I have to compete with, while he gets the advantage of being established already, given a site with millions of readers already, while I'm a nobody and have to start from nothing, and then we're both put in the same category, "blogs,"... well, I hate his guts.

So. Ghostbusters in the library for fun: Yay! As some type of "dodge, or hustle," to quote Venkman's old supervisor...Boo.
um...yikes? Didn't expect that one to set off a rant, particularly one that somehow throws in Joe Posnanski. Joe Pos is a fantastic writer who's established as the result of talent and hard work, and by all available evidence also seems to be a really good guy, so not getting the hate there.
well you gotta reread the jopo part then. i just hate the way that whole world works, he didn't really do anything wrong.
By the way, "um...yikes?" just became my Catchphrase of the Day now that my wife just informed that the babies may be delivered next week.
Nice! What's this "may"....
I'm with you on the boring, "everyone freezing" type pranks but generally I have enjoyed their hijinks. The ones I heard of have been a bit more complicated than freezing in place or whatever. Particularly the ones where:
1) they stormed a best buy with about 80 people in blue polo shirts and khaki pants who just walked around the store, and
2) they made a time-loop in a starbucks of the same 6 or 7 mundane events repeating every 10 minutes,
3) creating a twin-mirror in a subway, of identical twins sitting across from each other in a subway car.
The first two things seem to me like they accomplish at least mocking starbucks and best buy, which are goals I think we can all get behind. And the third just looks interesting. In conclusion: people spontaneously dancing in grand central terminal- lame; people clogging a best buy with worker clone automatons- funny.
ok #1 is good, but, seriously, they need to take it to the next level or prepare for backlash!

I remember the subway one, too--again, it is, like, a cool thing to do, but is anyone gonna be like, "Oh my god! What are the odds?!"? To me it's almost like how you can't do a "Borat" once it's been done. Unless you evolve it somehow.

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