Saturday, May 01, 2010

That Is Birdland

Happy New Month.

I hate that Kevin Romine's kid is a Yankee prospect. Here's hoping he's a player to be named later soon.

Dice is back vs. the O's tonight. Then Beckett vs. schoolyard bully Kevin Millwood on Sun. afternoon. I smell two find-a-way-to-make-it-gut-wrenching wins!

Well, hey, at least the Bruins won! (ducking).

The Sox are trying their very, very hardest to make themselves unwatchable these days. It seems that nobody in baseball can be absolutely cruising along and then completely shit the bed like Dice-K...with the exception of Wake.

And then the Celtics had to go and blow their lead...
I heard we were up 4-1, then later got to the car and hear castig call a sox single with no emotion. I thought oh good we're up a lot. Turns out we were down 11-4. Glad I missed that one.

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