Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sox Win Third Straight Series (All Over First-Place Teams)

Before the game that DMC was back from hell! Darnell, already wished well by Tito, gets to hang around a little longer. And he got to come in for the ninth, too.

So, Lester 6 IP, a hit and a bunch o' walks, and that's it. MDC 123, Bradley Danielson Pike Oneley Twoson Thrike, and Pap finishes. 7 of our last 8 = win.

The Red Sox came into this tough stretch, and the media fools all said, Oh no, the Red Sox have a tough stretch.... Why couldn't any of them said, "yeah, but we're the Red Sox!"? Speaking of the fools and their shit-stirring talk, Papi continues to have never left, knocking in our runs in the 2-0 Vict.

I loved that Crawford let himself get tossed. We'll take that any day.

If a little, faceless, 8-bit Nintendo character made throws from third to first like Adrian Beltre does, you'd laugh and talk about how a player would never do that, and how such a throw couldn't possibly get to first that fast. But that's how The Exec rolls--sets himself with a complete stop and then slings it over.

Speaking of Kool-Aidrian, do Don and Remy get why it's so funny that he "appeals" on his own check swings? Don's like, "he appeals even if the home plate ump has already called a swing, haha..." Uh, guys, the funny thing is that the only thing that can come from an appeal on a check swing is a WORSE result for the batter. If the ump says ball and no swing, all a batter has to do is stand there and it's a ball--only the defense can gain something from appealing. Beltre's doing this instinctively as if to say, "ask anyone, I didn't swing." But he literally can't get a better result by doing this.

I loved that Don and Rem made fun of texting fans--America just depresses the shit outta me when I see people in that dead zone, in public, head down, oblivious. It's worse when they're taking up a good seat at a baseball game that you should have. The sad irony is that no text has ever been remotely important. Okay, .0000000000000000000000000001 percent.

But then when talking about how Yankee Stadium doesn't allow ipads, Don said, See, so you can't text there. Oy.

Hey, anyone remember an old Bud commercial that had a minor league ump going up to the bugs? "in the minors, you must have called it all a thousand times....but finally, you got the call." It was the era with the song, "you make America work and/this Bud's for you." By the way, when I was little, I always thought they were implying not that "this Bud" is for you, but that "this does bud for you." You know, like, "this remote control works for the TV" would mean that it does work for the TV. This buds for me. It does budding on my behalf. I guess I was missing the apostrophe. Hey, I was a math person. I didn't become proofreading, fault-finding stickler until later in life. That slogan wasn't only on the commercials--it was also said by Scooter on every Yankee home run: "Hey Steve Kemp, this Bud's for you!" And you thought they only recently started with the play-sponsoring ads....

Tomorow, the goat story, and the Sox go for the sweep. 6.5 back. And as of this moment, 1.5 back of an absolutely impossible, wait till next year, I only know what I saw the night before playoff spot. With like a hundred and fucking something games left.

"I didn't become proofreading..."

Haha, never fails....
And as of this moment, 1.5 back of an absolutely impossible, wait till next year, I only know what I saw the night before playoff spot.

Quite possibly the best line in the blog this year, summing up and skewering those who panic while the tulips are still in bloom.
Thanks! (To go along with the worst line, where I messed up right at the word "proofreading.")

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