Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sox Win Series

Wake finally gets Red Sox win #176. Zero runs. Hopefully the fact that all four of the other current starters this go-round dominated will give Lackey a kick in the pants.

Good job by Youk, fouling off inside pitches by Halladay until he got one he could wail for a dong. I love that some Yankee fan commenter told me after '08 that Youk had a career year which won't be equaled. (He said it as if it were fact.) Youk surpassed it in '09 and is looking even better in '10.

Great scoop by Youk, too, to save Wake's zero. (The K by howard with a man on third right before that also was key.) Too bad Ram-squared ruined the possible combined shutout.

That stupid in-game bank ad screws us again! Drew doubles, then we have to see the "Safe at Second, Safe and Secure" logo--then cut to Beltre at plate who has already hit the ball, then cut to shot of ball after it's already gone past the shortstop! Missing a pitch is inexcusable, but it's just extra dirty when it's because of an ad. Especially when baseball games already have, what, 45 minutes of space between innings dedicated to commercials already?

A classic Little League play is when a hulking 12-year old with a mustache is barreling his way around third, and a 4-foot-1 10-year old makes a weak throw to third. By the time the third baseman as the ball, the runner has almost scored already. A similar thing happened today, when Scutaro just kept right on going from second to home. The throw from short went there just as he was rounding third, and had he tried to stop and go back, he would have been a dead duck. Instead, he scores without a throw.

Beltre! Would you just slide into second already?! He's really pissing me off with this. Slow grounder to second, and The Exec, instead of getting to the bag the fastest way--sliding--he pulls up to the bag trotting, but still runs past it! So not sliding possibly made him out, yet had he been safe, the guy would have just turned around and tagged him anyway! I don't care if it's 7-0, why are you doing everything possible to be out, instead of everything possible to be safe? (Don and Rem didn't mention it, as they were too busy talking about a Jamie Moyer interview.)

Now we go to Tampa, then home for the Royals on Mem. Day Wknd.

TB Ray's land coming up. Timmy and Youk...WOW. Ramirez? Well, I'd better not say. Great win over a really good team..

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