Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sox Sweep Homestand/Me On TV

Complete game W for Lester. Not many pitches, not many minutes. Key dong by Youk. Another by The Executive. Three-game winning streak.

So last night I went down to the good seats for the last two innings. And even though I've thought in the past about purposely going to the spot on either side where you get on TV behind the shots of the batter, I didn't think about it last night. I walked along until I saw an abandoned seat and took the first one I saw. The next morning, Kim tells me my dad called and said he saw me on TV. I get this a lot, even when I'm not even at the game. But my dad, not knowing what I'd be wearing, said he saw me in my Bad News Bears jersey, so I knew it was me:

There I am at left, taking a pic of Jeremy Hermida. (Bears 11--Amanda--jersey, red sleeves, trademark hat, trademark glasses, trademark sideburns, camera.)

Another clear shot of me, behind the Oh Canine.

Here's my buddy Justin Morneau, posing with me.

Here I am on the shoulder of Nick Punto. These are from I also checked the Twins feed, and while I got a LOT of air time, I appear very blurry on their cameras.

This one's a little harder. But I cropped it so I'm at the exact bottom right. See red hood, and the world famous cracked Liberty Bell logo of Chico's Bail Bonds.

Red Sox go to Philly this weekend. We should be representin' well down there. Yanks get their biannual respite from playing major league teams with one of their Mets series. Let's Go Mets. F, A, N, duh-nuh-nunt! (Yanks "almost come back but still lose" for the third consecutive game tonight.)

NESN Advertisin' Wackiness of the Nite! Ball of the wall. Young plays it and has indecision when it comes to where to throw ball. Remy points it out as the replay starts, tells us to watch how Young hesitates. But! The replay is cut off just before that moment. Because the next pitch is about to be thrown? No, because they can't miss the "New York Life Safe at Second" graphic that they have to show for a double. As my mom would say, Ask yourself why.... There are 17 built-in spots in a baseball game for commercials. The deal should be: you can advertise in those spots and that's all, OR, you can advertise during the game but instead of commercial breaks between innings, we actually get more baseball talk, interviews, stats, sounds of the park during infield grounders and pitchers warming up, etc. But not both.

Nice seats! It's was easier to spot you because I've met you. Hope your weekend is a great one.

Boy, Lackey gives up 4-5 runs per game. I NEVER expected this start after he emerged from spring training uninjured. He can (and will) get better. Peter

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