Saturday, May 08, 2010

Okay, Tomorrow, Win, Guaranteed This Time

Kim and I decided to get dinner to go during the delay. And a movie. What's weirder, that we physically rented a movie, or that we got it on VHS? Or that we have a VCR?? They didn't have it on DVD. Anyway, we like supporting the local indie video store and it was on our way.

So we got home, knowing the game had restarted. But Fox was showing "Kickin' It, with Byron Allen." Now I respect the act of kicking unspecified objects as much as the next bloke, but the game is not over, people. After pulling the Emergency-Castiglione Lever, I checked the "web," and the "web" told me the game was now on F/X. No scroll on Fox. Terrible. You know, I saw the end of that Mets 20-inning game, and that was a Fox Saturday afternoon game. They didn't switch that over to another channel. Meanwhile, they've been hyping up a 7 PM Fox game in a few Saturdays. So why are we brushed aside? I see there's supposed to be a car race on. Not important!

Another seemingly close game that ends up a blowout. I was glad to see JVE pitch again. But glad to see the pitches he opted to throw. After he gives up some insurance runs in the ninth, we lose 14-3. The official scorer, according to Buck, awarded the win to Juan BlownCeves before the game was over. That's shit.

Am I the only one who sits in front of the TV just willing Teixeira to stop breathing? I have a feeling that guy was always a semi-prick and was dying to be a full-on prick, and he realized he just needed the corresponding outfit, so he chose the Yanks.

McCarver, dude, you're the only one in the world who thought the plural of dove was dove. The guy's never heard The 12 Days of Fucking Christmas? I gotta admit, Rosenthal's example was even funnier, though.

You know who Cervelli reminds me of? Here's Francisco:

And here's that guy with the Racing Snail from Neverending Story:

And keep in mind Cervelli wears that giant helmet, making him look even more like that guy. So picture him like that.

I"m sure the scorer said "if the Yanks win, here's who I'm giving the win to," but Buck just acted like it was over.

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