Friday, May 07, 2010

Okay, Tomorrow We'll Win, I Swear

Kind of an odd game. Beckett looked on, but then started hitting every batter, and that was that. 10-3, not us. The Yanks were getting mad when Beckett was giving them free runs. Wanna give 'em back?!

So the Mother's Day "Walk in the Park" will be from 9 to 11 a.m. on Sunday. You'd think that since the game got changed to a night game, they would have moved the Walk closer to game time. Who's gonna arrive at 9 a.m in Boston for an 8 p.m. game? Still, I'll blame ESPN for stealing the game in the first place. Ironically, because of Fox, we DO get one day game this weekend, Saturday.

You know what kills me? When the Red Sox have tickets on sale for this weekend's games, yet NESN has an in-game spot telling fans to go to the team's "official" online scalping agency (all of whose tickets are waaaay above the price you can get directly from the team). So stupid. They're just like Ticketmasturbator, getting a cut of the money made from tickets they've already collected on once already, plus fees. It's criminal. (TM gets ALL the money twice, as they completely own their own secondary market site, while the Sox just get a cut of the (second) gate via the advertising at least, but "less criminal" is still criminal. Who knows just how connected that "local" scalper agency is to the Red Sox--I know for a fact they have access to the Sox' mailing list.)

I think Drinkwater complained. They moved the camera an inch so his face sneaks in under the graphic.

Darnell McDonald's brother Donzell has nearly a .400 OBP for this Mexican team.

The home run that wasn't. (Sorry, they make you watch an ad before it starts.)


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