Friday, May 14, 2010


You know how we from Connecticut say "scratch-offs" while you rotary-lovers from Mass call them "scratchies"? Well check out this article from California. "Scratchers"! I wonder how many other regional versions there are. Oh wait, it's 2010, I never have to "wonder" again. Stupid technology!

Red Sox @ Baghdad USA, 7:05. Where it will be light really late. Because they're so far west in the eastern time zone. So unfair.

Shoulda called this Cat Scratch Fever or something. In fact, I was about to say "scratch that" and then write the new title, but it woulda seemed contrived at the point where I said "scratch" the first time. Oh forget it. I'm going to clown college.
I have always known them as scratch tickets.
Yes! That's what I meant....scratch tickets. It's my friend Jen from "south central" CT who says "scratchies." I think I got it right in the past on this blog, but, you know, since I don't say it the Mass way I never think of that term, but yes, scratch tickets is totally what I meant.

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