Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live-Blogging My Reactions To The Unveiling Of The Bryant Park Film Schedule

I just went to their page, and I see the movie list is up! I knew Goldfinger was first, and I'm not a Bond person, so whatever, so here we go with the rest of the list, as I scroll down slowwwly...come on, The Shining!

Okay, June 28th... Carousel. Meh. Moving on...

July 5th: The French Connection. That's another one I know I'd like but have yet to watch in its entirety. Nice choice.

July 12th... My Man Godfrey. What? Next..

July 19th... The China Syndrome. Another supposed classic I've never seen.

July 26th... Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'm sure that's huge news for some of you, but, uhhh, yeah, despite that I do respect those guys and find them funny when I come across stuff they're in...I'm not one of those MP fanatics at all.

August 2nd... Wooooooooooo! Rosemary's Babyyyyy! Could see making the trip for that one. Again, though, this could require TWO days off meaning I can probably only go once, so we'll see...

August 9th... The Goodbye Girl. Let's look it up--A Neil Simon with Dreyfuss set in my fave NYC era, the late-70s/early-80s, in this case '77. Could be good, and that is a Rhode Island holiday...moving on...

August 16th....12 Angry Men. A classic. Good choice by them, but not quite a summer fun-fest.

Okay, it's time for the finale. Again, I am banking on Shining, though I will accept Caddyshack and some others. Remember, the movies they show are at least 30 years old, making 1980 the latest possible year for a film. See you on the other side, Ray...


Wait. I have to stop for a second. I should reiterate that I'm a huge Rosemary's Baby fan and if this finale isn't something I like, I won't be mad, knowing I can see a classic NYC movie that I know by heart, in August, in NYC, outside, at night. So, I'm considering it a win already. Okay.. here we go for real now...

August 23rd...

Bonnie & Clyde. Okay. Well... I never had much interest in that one. I'm thinking I gotta go to Ro. We'll see. And, you know, to other outdoor movies that aren't 3 hours away...

I would probably go with Rosemary's Baby too, although My Man Godfrey is considered a classic (disclosure: I have only seen parts of it, which were funny), and since it's a 1930s screwball comedy it's probably a great choice for a nice summer evening in the park. Although I would have thought that if they wanted to pick a film from that era/genre, they would have gone with Bringing Up Baby instead.

Bonnie & Clyde is a classic too, and a very important film for how it changed Hollywood in the 60's, but like you said about 12 Angry Men, not necessarily a summer fun-fest.

French Connection could be good too, just for watching that car chase on the big screen under the stars. Of course, they could have gone with Bullitt...(the 2nd time I've mentioned that movie in comments in the past week).

I'm with you on Monty Python. Meh.
Some great films on the list, Jere. Two of my absolute al-time favorites in there: "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "The French Connection." Watch the latter if you get chance, even on video. Gene Hackman is magnificent and it's the definition of the 1970s gritty NY crime drama. I've seen it 50 times in my life (I saw it in theaters with my dad when I was 10!) and that's not an exaggeration.
Yeah FC's one I know I'll like... pressure's on!

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