Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Life Of The Front Row People

It happened just as I thought it would. When we saw the new NESN score bar during a recent road game, I knew Kapstein was back in full force, while Drinkwater would be screwed. Last night, we watched as poor Drinky the Kid was covered by graphics over on the left, while Jeremy had the spotlight to himself, in the middle, with no obstructions. "Den" was visible in plenty of replays, but on the main angle, you can only see his shirt. I wonder if the Kap'n pushed for this--he does work for the team after all. "I've been obscured for too long...I want the spotlight again, but this time I don't wanna share it with Glass Joe!" (you were supposed to use a really deep voice there)

Saw a great reaction from Mr. Drink H2O after one of the HRs last night. He leaped out of his seat with his arms in the air. Great shot, and I wish I could see it again...
I saw him do that on the game where we had those two home runs that hit the front ledge of the Monster. One one he did that all-out, arms up, mouth open, stand-up reaction--and the ball easily could have been off the wall. It cracked me up when I saw that replay knowing the ball was far from a no-doubter.
I got to sit in the front row once. You can get your food brought to you. I mean, I was right behind home plate.

BK Kim pitched. Oakland was the opposing team. It must have been a lefty because Trot Nixon didn't play. Maybe Barry Zito?

I spotted us in the 'Cowboy Up' DVD. Do you own that? I have it around somewhere.
I can't believe you never told me you were in Cowboy Up! Yes I own, I have to find you now.
I'm only in a background shot. BK Kim is running past us. There were four of us, all wearing white t-shirts. They spelled out "TROT". I am not even a little embarrassed about that.

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