Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Late-Game Updating Action, AKA My New Thing

9:25: The Nomar thing was great. Couldn't make it there in person but was just glad to see it on TV. I knew Daubach would somehow be involved. Good to see Trot, too. And the 5-6 seat idea was a good one. I'm glad they had him in the booth for an interview. I heart Nomar. As for this game, we go bottom 8 right now. Terrible job by Don't Bogar It, Dude sending Scutaro. One of those plays where you're watching it live and you know there's only one call there, but the coach makes the opposite one. I'm usually a "just send him and see what happens" type of guy, and I was shocked and 'palled they were sending him. We are outhitting them like 10-2, but only lead 2-1. Must hold on to this.... updates below.

9:30: The Exec continues to piss me off with his regular bag-overrunning. On the near triple play, he fell off first, almost letting them complete the rare-ass feat. Then he did his "trot through second" on an inning-ending force play. What if the guy drops the ball? You're a squatting mallard. The weird thing is, the guy hustles! Yet does that crap--and as I'm writing about him, he hits a massive insurance dong!!! Nice job, Ade. Just stop your odd baserunning and we're all set. "These people wanna like you!" --Phil Hartman. As Sinatra. 3-1 us.

9:38: 9th. Papel. Bon. 3. 1. Us.

9:42: Abreu. Walky McGee. Didn't like that hittable pitch on 0-2, but we get him out on a crazy stab by Hall in left. Now Torii grounds out. One out away. When it gets to one strike away, I never get to write "everybody up" because I'm busy standing up.

9:46: Another 1-2-3 for Pap. We win first 3 games of Angels series. Gold. Lackey with the W. Bard of Savon with the H. Pap with the Ess.


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