Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Curves

Sometimes people try to make things look all 70s-ified, and they usually fail. You can't just put on striped socks and call it the 70s. Aside from the hair and clothes, people just looked different then. Something about the lankiness of everybody, which could be caused by the fact that a "large" shirt is the size of the "small" of today.

I've told you before how when I saw Dazed and Confused in the theater, I thought, This is a movie about 90s kids, gimme Over the Edge for the real thing.

Anyway, I was sent this video, called Wiffleball '79. And I have to say, while you can never truly recreate my favorite era (the unnamed decade of '75-'85-ish), these people come as close as possible.

Red Sox at Tigers, 7:05. The Pist in Providence at Club Hell, 6:05!


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