Saturday, May 08, 2010

In-Game Rain Delay Update

They just said during the rain delay that the Red Sox media lost 20-3 to the Yankees media yesterday. Good! Freakin' hate the Boston media. (I'm sure those of you who aren't boycotting them has heard about this already...)

So I'll talk about the "first half" stuff now, as we're still in a delay:

Thanks to Fox, we're getting the classic CF camera angle at Fenway! Love it. Come on, you know you started watching and said, Wow, I feel so close to the action, and like I'm right down near field level! I wonder why...

Another great job by Fox was the "moment of silence." We need more announcers to die so we can just enjoy the sounds of a game for a change. Okay, I think I've reached my "praising Fox" quota for this decade.

Beltre! Instead of calling you The Executive, I might as well call you Adrigar Belteria because your defense is hideous. You can make a great play, but mostly you look like a fool. Even when he did make a nice stop, he decided to purposely fall down and throw to second, where he had no play, and the ball went into right field. And McCarver, don't be afraid to say what happened on those two grounders to him: Ole!!!! Tim seemed to think he just didn't get to ball #1, and that #2 was a "tough play." No Tim, it was: Ole!!!!! I'm counting THREE errors on Belteria today. So far.

Hall also looks terrible (gotta catch that ball during the moment of silence), but he's not supposed to be there. And I wish Fox would mention more how this is not our normal team.

Clay. 0-2, waste a pitch. Please. And after we get you a lead, don't walk the leadoff man in the next inning on four pitches.

Really great how CC plunked Pedroia on purpose with two outs, only to have Victor take him deep right after. And stupid Girardi tries to pretend he didn't do it on purpose. (He also said the un-word "acrost" in the interview.)

Fox missed an entire pitch once. Inexcusable. Turned out to be a foul ball.

Nice job by Darnell, with a dong, and throwing a guy out at home. That ball hit the front side of the mound, scooting it forward perfectly. And for some reason, Buck was not convinced the guy was out, even though they showed him clearly being tagged in time over and over and over. The McDong was caught by that trio, and one had a Yankees Suck shirt. It just said Boston on the front, but you could tell by the not-real font it's the one with Yankee Suck 21 on the back. I have the same shirt. They later showed a replay and it confirmed what I thought.

CC had a chance to get the last strike of the 5th, but threw a ball. Then they brought out the tarp. Ha!

Action hopefully to begin again shortly. 6-3 them.

love this/these. especially the fox praise quota for the decade.

please keep them coming even if we don't make a wild comeback. it will be the lone thing to enjoy in the midst of more misery at the hands of the yanks.

not that i am predicting such a thing.
Thanks--I'm just gonna do an end-o-game thing. Unless there's another delay. Buck just said more rain in the area....

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