Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Pee On Interleague Play

Sox at Inferior League, 7:05 or :10 or so, tonight.

So I haven't done my annual anti-Interleague play post. Here goes, for a new generation of RSFPT fans:

The American League and the National League play by different rules. The Red Sox should no more be playing the Phillies in games that count than they should be playing the Bruins. Now, I go to the Interleague games to see something different, just as I'd go see the Red Sox play the Rockford Peaches in donkey basketball. But it doesn't mean I want it counting in the standings!

I've always been convinced that the reason they did this is so they could have a few match-ups that they knew would be big moneymakers. Mets-Yanks, Cubs-White Sox, and maybe some California series. The rest of the teams are stuck with these fake "natural rivalries," and having to play teams from the other league in an unbalanced fashion relative to the other teams in their division. It's something you can't balance anyway--since you've got teams playing each other once and can't even do a home/away.

I have to say, as an Interleague play-hater since the day it was announced, I'm glad to see that so many people are currently on my side. I feel like the tide has turned, and maybe they'll stop this silly shit. Too bad so many seasons have been stained by it already.

As for the World Series, well, the league champs have to play each other at that point. That's a whole other discussion, how the Senior Moment Circuit should just get a DH already, since pitchers just aren't hitters anymore, at any level beyond college.

Oh! And please don't tell me how good my team has been in IP over the past 7 years or so. That makes no difference to me. Just like I still hate the Wild Card even though we've won the World Series because of it.

I agree with everything you just said. Especially the bit about supporting the DH because of the fact that nobody takes pitchers seriously as hitters anymore. I'd be all for a non-DH league if there was any chance of a pitcher hitting higher than 9th.
Right, either change the whole system back to making pitchers be actual hitters, or add the DH to the NL.
I also hate the Wild Card. Always have, always will.

And Dump the DH.

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