Monday, May 17, 2010

Gods At The Church

If you're going to the Twins-Sox game Wednesday night, go over to the Yawkey Way Store at 5:30--Josh Wilker, who writes the incredible Cardboard Gods blog, will be signing his new book of the same name. And as if that isn't exciting enough, Bill Lee will be there, too! (You have to have a ticket to the game that night to go since the event starts after the store becomes part of Fenway Park.)

Info on the rest of Josh's book tour here.

Sox at the New Loo, 7:05, Dice and the Huggies Philler.

He really is a very good writer, and that's a terrific blog. Terrible job by me for never commenting there, even though I could have added a couple thoughts to a few posts, being slightly older, but roughly the same generation.

Good thing it's only a two game set in the Bronx...after this weekend, the Sox definitely don't look prepared for it.
If you've got good stuff to add to old posts, just do it--he likes that and will sometimes call attention to new discussions on old posts.

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