Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goat Eem!

The "feels like" temperature is 102 degrees right now.

So, the goat story:

I have this friend/co-worker who is the type of person who goes everywhere, does everything, and knows everyone in Rhode Island. If I meet a new person, chances are she already knows them, and their relatives dating back to the Mayflower. If I tell her I went to some establishment, she tells me she knows the owner and was there for the groundbreaking in '72. If I'm going to an event, she'll probably be there. She's pretty cool.

Yesterday, Kim and I went to the beach after work. On the way to this beach is a little barnyard with goats, which I'd passed before. The frolicking goats reminded me of the young reindeer in Rudolph, the way they jump around and butt heads. We decided on the way back to pull over and look at the family of goats and their little ones.

As we pulled the car over, there was another car there. Two other people were also looking at, and feeding, the goats. It was my co-worker and her boyfriend.

So she wins. The ultimate Rhode Islander. She truly is everywhere. Right down to rural-road goat-watching. (And yes, she knew the goat's owners. And all their friends.)

Sox at Tampa, 7:10.

We pulled a Daniel Bard today, hitting 101 on the weather gun, at least where I am. At that point, the "feels like" was 111.
Did you NOT get the memo?? RAYS are goin` all the way! !!ThankYOU! The Rays Management
baloney! :)

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