Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman Is Dead

The news we knew was coming all day.

Another sad chapter in the epic Diff'rent Strokes saga.

Kyjuss say something? A lot of people make fun of these sitcoms my generation grew up with, but they were important to us. For one, it allowed those of us who grew up in the whitebread suburbs to see people who didn't look like we did. The black kids in my neighborhood were Arnold, Willis, Theo, Rudy, Raj, and Re-Run. Seriously. That was it. In the whole town, almost. Maybe these shows didn't accurately depict life as a black kid in America (come to think of it, a majority probably didn't live on Park Avenue, or in an apartment with four bedrooms and two floors), but at the very least it showed your average honky that these folks were no different than us, except they had catchphrases. Some of us didn't need to learn this through TV, but hopefully it helped with the kids whose parents had racist tendencies, whether it was completely outward or not.

Nice photo gallery here.
I agree. The Huxtables were very important to me for the reasons you mentioned above.

Also, remember when you guys came to visit one summer and you were Michael Jackson and I was Webster?
Not at all! More details, please!
I thought you were going to be like, "Yes, Kara, you tell that story all the time."

Anyway, you, Jene, Mel and me were all playing upstairs. Jene was Madonna, Mel was Princess Leia, you were MJ, and I was like, "Who can I be?" I think Jene came up with the brilliant idea that I be Webster. (I was probably only 5 or 6). It was the ultimate 80's imaginary play.
Wow. What did we do? Did we act out the characters? Did I moonwalk? Or take you to the Grammys?
Ha! I can't remember. I'm sure it just made whatever we were playing extra-cool to be those characters. I seem to recall having one white glove from a fancy Easter dress or something that you probably wore.

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