Friday, May 14, 2010

FoD: God Sod

The Field of Dreams house is for sale. $5.4 million. They say 65,000 people visit it annually. So let's say that estimate is high, and that you can get it for $5 million. 50,000 people, 5 million bucks. If they each pay you a hundred bucks, your purchase is paid off in a year. But we're not assholes. Let's say $10 a pop, then you're paid off in 10 years. But still, as it is now, no one is charged any money to see the field. So we have to give 'em something. For their ten-spot, they get to park, go on a tour, and have a picnic on the field. Stay all day if they want. On certain days, we'll have games--teams will pay us to use the field for a few hours. Weddings would cost extra. Or maybe we could just have a donation system or something. We'll figure it out without being pricks.

Now we need the dough. Billionaires: here's my offer: Give me 5 million bucks, and I'll give it back to you in 10 years, AND, you get to come to the field whenever you want. Okay, and I'll buy you a soda. Deal?

(When I tried to get readers to pitch in to buy a share of the Red Sox, I'm pretty sure only me and Michael Leggett threw in. And maybe one other person. So I'm going straight to the top here.)

(I'm hoping these mystery billionaires will conveniently "forget" about the concept of "interest." And won't see this comment.)
Wondering just how valuable 1 share of New England Sports Ventures is?

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